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Off to the Emerald Isle!

Well, Jose has jumped the gun, and left us early for Ireland!  It’s up to Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Foster to try to find him.  The only thing is, they are going to need YOUR help!  Read over Jose’s letter to Mr. Foster and Mrs. Weaver to try to figure out where they should go to find Jose.  Research the places or the things Jose has done to try to figure out where in Ireland he is!  Time is of the essence!  Make haste, Jose needs YOU!

Click the link below to view Jose’s letter to us!

 Letter from Jose

Once your teacher receives his or her login information, please comment and let us know where Jose could be!

5 Responses to “Off to the Emerald Isle!”

  1. cmcknight says:

    Hello Jose!
    Mrs. McKnight’s class found out that St Patrick’s Cathedral and also Kilmainham Gaol are both in Dublin, so we think you are in Dublin! Are we right?

    We saw Mr. Foster this morning in our classroom; he is leaving soon to head to the airport, so be on the look out for him and Mrs. Weaver some time tonight!

  2. kbalek says:

    Hi Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Foster,

    Mrs. Balek’s Class used Google maps to research all the places Jose has already visited. We think you should fly to Dublin, Ireland to find Jose. Let us know when he is safe with you! Love, Mrs. Balek’s Class

  3. aweaver says:

    Mrs. Balek and Mrs. McKnight, we think you’re right! We’re heading to Dublin in about an hour. It’s an overnight flight! We’re in the air from 7 p.m. until about 7 a.m. (Dublin time). The flight is only 5 hours long, but due to the time difference, we won’t arrive until Tuesday morning.

  4. terryp says:

    Mr. Foster’s class:

    Whoooooa! King Foster is in IIIrreellaannd (double rainbow). See you soon!
    We looked at pictures of the jail and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We wish we were there with you.

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