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Well, today we leave for Ireland, and boy do we really need to find Jose!  After doing a little research on the places that Jose had visited, and along with suggestions from you, we decided that  we should start in Dublin, Ireland.  Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and has over a million people living in it.  Try to find Dublin on the map below.

Dublin is located in Ireland

So, our bags are all packed and we’re ready to go.  We’ve got our tickets, but instead of flying straight to Dublin, we have to stop in Newark, New Jersey.  Newark sounds a lot like New York, I wonder if they are close to each other.

We have to be at the airport much earlier than when our plane leaves so we can make it through all of the checkpoints.   When you are flying to another country, there are a lot of safety checkpoints you have to go through.  It seems like a hassle, but I’m really glad they do it-safety first!

2 Responses to “Day 1-Leaving Jacksonville”

  1. kbalek says:

    Dear Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Foster,

    Google Maps told us that Newark, New Jersey is between 10 and 15 miles from New York, NY. We think that is pretty close. Dublin is much farther from Newark than New York is. How far is it?? How long was your flight??

    Mrs. Balek’s Class

    • aweaver says:

      It’s 3776 miles from Newark to Dublin! The flight was about 6 hours long, but factoring in the time change, it was about 11 hours according to the clock. Long day! It’s Tuesday night and we are JUST winding down since we boarded the plane in Jacksonville! Whew!

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