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Day 2 – Dublin

We arrived safely this  morning in Dublin, very sleepy but VERY excited at the thought of catching up with Jose and with being in another country. 

There are so many things to see and learn about Ireland, and we can’t wait to share them with you!  When we first got to Dublin, it was quite early in the morning (or late at night depending how you look at it); about 2 AM Jacksonville time.  However, people were just going to work in Dublin.  So we missed an entire night’s sleep for the most part, which is making us extremely tired, but we did get a traditional Irish breakfast at a historic restaurant that originated in 1595.  It was delish!  (except for the black pudding-I dare you to research it).  Try to figure out the time difference and get back with us-maybe we will be able to Skype with the first class that gets back to us!  The Dublin airport was very modern, and clean.  It was amazing!  No sign of Jose there though.  We decided to read Jose’s letter again, and decided that we should start at St. Patrick’s Cathedral since Jose had mentioned it in his letter.  Jose was right about it being huge and fancy, it is such a beautiful place.  It dates all the way back to 1191, when it was originally made from wood, and it is now the largest church in Ireland.  We were even able to see the place where St. Patrick baptized people all those years ago.  No luck finding Jose, but we did manage to find a clue!  The Curator of the church had been looking for us and had a message from Jose for us.  She had chatted with him, and took some pictures of him around the Cathedral.   In the note, Jose said that he was moving on, and the place he was going to would make things “CRYSTAL” clear.  So we decided that his destination would have something to do with crystal.  We’re off to research crystal in Ireland to see what we come up with.  You guys look into too, maybe we can put our heads together and come up with his location.



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  1. rturner says:

    Mrs. Turner’s is very curious about black pudding….we will have to look into it and get back to you!! We wonder if Jose is in a place with lots of crystal – if so, that bear had better be careful so that he doesn’t break any fancy crystal!!! 🙂

  2. rturner says:

    Oh boy!! Mrs. Turner’s class looked into black pudding – and we didn’t think it sounded very good. We like vanilla and chocolate pudding much better! Good for you for trying it!! 🙂

  3. snunley says:

    We are so glad you made it safely! We found out that black pudding is a type of sausage made by cooking blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled! Yuck! We have a few sixth graders that would be brave enough to try it! Try Waterford City, Ireland for locating Jose…and pick the teachers up some beautiful glasses while you are there! 🙂 (Sixth graders are wondering if Merit Money is accepted to buy the crystal…they might need a small loan!) Enjoy!

    • aweaver says:

      We’ll try Waterford tomorrow and see if we can catch up to him! Thanks for the advice! We will not be eating blood sausage again, but we are glad we can say we tried it!

  4. terryp says:

    Mr. Foster’s class:

    Irish Standard Time says that the time difference is 5 hours ahead which makes it 5:30pm now. We checked into black/blood pudding, and we don’t have many takers here. We think your next destination is Waterford, Ireland and the House of Crystal. The students remember learning about it today in Media.

  5. vwellstead says:

    Mrs. Wellstead’s class is guessing that Jose is going to the Waterford Crystal factory!


  6. lcronin says:

    We researched blood pudding and discovered that it is blood sausage. It is made from pig blood and mixed with chunks of pork fat. We took a survey and found out that 10 children in Mrs. Cronin’s class would like to try blood pudding. Just a hint right now we are reading the blog and eating popcorn. We also looked at the time and realized you are 5 hours ahead of us. We also noticed that they write the date different than we do. They put the day first, then the month, and then the year.
    We hope you catch up to Jose.

  7. mjcassette says:

    We have SIX brave students that want to try black pudding even after we Googled it. We want to know if Mr. Foster or Mrs. Weaver tried it?

    We used the Irish clock on the blog to figure out you are 5 hours ahead of us.

    Also, we think we know where Jose is going next. We think he is going to the House of Crystal. You should be able to find it because it looks like a big, beatiful castle. Are there are a lot of castles in Ireland?

    Mrs. Cassette’s Class

  8. pwehde says:

    We miss you alot Ms. Weaver. We think you are heading to the Waterford Crystal factory. We hope you find Jose there. Are you staying in a big castle? We hope you find bag pipe players. We hope you see someone dancing the Irish jig and tap dancing. Have you seen a watch tower yet? We’ll research black pudding and get back to you.
    We hope you are having a good time. Love, your class, Mrs. Deaux & Mrs. Wehde

    Oh, we figured out you are 5 hours ahead of us!

    • aweaver says:

      I miss you guys a TON! Right now, we are sitting at dinner listening to two singers with a guitar and fiddle and they need a volunteer to help them…Mrs. Weaver wants to, but Mr. Foster is trying to keep me from doing it! 🙂
      Keep in touch! Hopefully, we will be able to skype later in the week. Internet hasn’t been very good, so I’m still not sure. Miss you guys!!!!

      • pwehde says:

        Hi Ms. Weaver,
        We are glad to hear you are having a good time. Did you find Jose in Waterford? Several students researched black/blood pudding and we agree it doesn’t sound very tasty. However, the following have said they would be willing to try it: Reef, Ben S., Evan, Meagan, Nyla, Alex, Max, River, Colin and Lee. Mrs. Deaux and Mrs. Wehde say “no thank you!” Will you be able to bring some home? We’ll be looking for your next post. WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH!
        Love, your class, Mrs. Deaux and Mrs. Wehde

  9. ablumstein says:

    Fourth grade figured out that Ireland is 5 hours ahead of Jacksonville and we would love to Skype with you! Then, we looked at some pictures of black pudding and decided that it doesn’t look very yummy. We also looked at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and think that it’s beautiful. We also think that Jose is at the Waterford Crystal Factory in Dublin and Ms. Blumstein would like to see some pictures of the beautiful green crystal.

    • aweaver says:

      We can tell you first hand that the black pudding was not very yummy. Well spare you the trouble of trying it. Well look into Waterford, and see if our bus driver will take us there! St. Patricks was amazing-we weren’t able to upload pics yet, but will ASAP.

  10. nsmith says:

    Mrs. Smith’s class can’t wait to see where Jose ends up today! We look forward to lots of pictures. 🙂 And we agree that chocolate pudding is a much better pudding to eat!!

  11. dencarnacion says:

    Pre-K 3 would like to try it although they think it looks like a snake and a worm. We are wondering if anyone was brave enough to try it? We look forward to seeing lots of pictures and hopefully finding Jose soon.

  12. wmonger says:

    Mrs. Monger’s class thinks Jose is at the Waterford Crystal Factory. We took a tour and it looks very cool, but don’t touch the crystal in its moulding stage. We learned that it is 1400 degrees celsius. We have a special request, please bring back lots of crystal for our class. Mrs. Monger’s favorite pattern is Leana! 🙂 Black pudding looks disgusting!! What else did you eat? Have you seen an Irish River Dance? Are the hotels fancy? We are hoping to skype with you! Talk to you soon!!

  13. kstormes says:

    We thought the black pudding sounded gross, but 12 of my students said they would try it! 🙂

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