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Day 3-Waterford

We found Jose!  Well, sort of.  We found where he was.  We looked at the blog comments yesterday and everyone thought we should check out the Waterford House of Crystal.  SOOOOOOOO, we decided to look into it.  We had a bit of a drive from Dublin to Waterford- about two hours.  This place is beautiful!  Of course, we are seeing a lot of green, but the architecture is unbelievable-you will definitely not see buildings like this in the United States.  When we got to the Waterford Crystal House, no Jose.  He was there though, and our tour guide gave us some pictures that they took of Jose while he was there.  We took a tour and got to see how they make their famous crystal.  It is amazing how much of the work is done by hand, and how intricate the detail is.  Did you know that the people that do the glass work have to practice for EIGHT years before they can start being professionals!  That’s crazy-it’s like being a doctor!  After watching how closely they pay attention to every detail, and how careful they have to be, it’s understandable.


So, no Jose, but we do have another clue.  Along with the pictures of Jose, the tour guide also gave us a note from him. If you look closely, Jose is wearing an award that is going to be presented to Mariano Rivera, the pitcher for the Yankees who just earned the most career saves.   He’s getting trickier and trickier.   This note only said…sorry I missed you, off to the oldest Christian settlement in Ireland.   Holy cow…we need your help.  We’re really busy, and we’ll try to research, but we need your help.    Also, we’ve been trying to upload pictures for you guys, but we’ve been having issues with that.  However, we have taken over 300 already, so we’ll have tons for you guys to check out soon.

Check out this glass blowing video


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  1. kbalek says:

    Dear Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Foster,

    We did a little research and found out that the oldest Christian settlement in Ireland is at Ardmore. Ardmore is situated in West Waterford a few minutes off the main Waterford – Cork road (N25). Maybe Jose is visiting the cathedral at St. Declan’s Monastery. We hope you find the little bear soon!

    Mrs. Balek’s Class

  2. dencarnacion says:

    WOW! At first we thought you found Jose when looking at the pictures but after reading your blog we learned that Jose had beat you to the Waterford House. The pictures were great. We loved the glass fireman hat and Jose getting stuck in the bowl. That was pretty funny. We don’t know where the oldest Christian settlement is in Ireland but we will do some research:) Good luck and safe travels. We hope you find Jose soon!
    Mrs. E’s 3s

  3. mjcassette says:

    Mr. Foster & Mrs. Weaver,
    We agree with Mrs. Balek’s class. We think Jose is headed to Ardmore in County Waterford. It makes sense because you were just at the House of Crystal nearby. Look for a 90 foot round tower. It should lead the way to Armore. Be careful! Some of us think Ardmore looks a little dangerous and a little scary, so find Jose fast!
    Good luck!
    Mrs. Cassette’s Class

  4. pwehde says:

    We think Jose is in Ardmore! Have a good weekend. Be on the lookout for something special from your class : )

  5. carolinagray says:

    Here is that surprise for you Mrs.Weaver : )


  6. terryp says:

    Mrs. Nunley’s class,

    We loved the football. Is it the College National Championship Trophy? We also liked the firefighter hat.

  7. terryp says:

    Mr. Foster’s class,

    We think you are heading to Ardmore like Mrs. Balek’s class said. We think Jose is off to see the ruins of St. Declan.

    Shelby thinks the ball is a rugby trophy instead of football. Let us know.

    We miss you a lot!!!

  8. kstormes says:

    We thought the crystal was amazing!!! We also thought it was crazy that they have to train for 8 years! We have a question about the crystal…How do they carve them into different shapes? Hope you are having a great time and that you find Jose soon!!

  9. lcronin says:

    We were mesmerized with the glass blowing videos. We kept trying to guess what they were making. The boys loved the crystal football. Any chance you would bring back some crystal “samples” so we could see up close all the details in the pieces? We also wanted to know how hot it was in the glass blowing factory.

    • bfoster says:

      Mrs. Cronin’s Class: Don’t worry, it was not hot in the factory at all. We weren’t very close to the open fires, but apparently the workers are very used to it, because they did not seem to be affected by it at all. Unfortunately, we can’t bring back any crystal. The crystal factory only makes special order crystal-for trophies for the NFL, for Tennis trophies, awards for special occasions-like the fire hat that Jose was wearing for Mariano Rivera.
      Mrs. Stormes: Your class sounds brave, but seeing the black pudding in person is a lot different than hearing about it…but even hearing about it sounds pretty gross, so we are impressed! They carve the designs by using diamond encrusted blades. The people doing the cutting, have memorized the cuts they are supposed to make and do it all by hand. Pretty impressive, huh?!
      Mr. Foster’s Class: Sorry Shelby, it is the NCAA College Foot ball trophy. Don’t worry, a lot of people made that mistake!
      Mrs. Nunley’s Class: You are correct! It IS the NCAA college football trophy.
      Mrs. Weaver’s Class: Mrs. Weaver was crying when she saw your video. She misses you and can’t wait to see you again! You were correct-Jose WAS in Ardmore! However, that sneaker bear was gone again!
      Mrs. Cassette’s Class: You were also correct-Jose was in Ardmore! However, it wasn’t scary at all. It was absolutely beautiful and serene! You can look that word up. Mr. Foster wants to move to Ardmore!
      Mrs. Smith’s Class: Unfortunately, it wasn’t the NFL trophy for the super bowl. It was the NCAA College Football Trophy. Unfortunately, we can’t bring back any crystal. It was only special order crystal. For instance, there was a special crystal bear, and he was ONLY 30,000 Euros. You should try to figure out how much that is in dollars.
      Mrs. E’s 3s: The oldest settlement is in Ardmore. It was amazing! Check out our pictures! They are superb!
      Mrs. Balek’s Class: You were spot on with Ardmore. You guys are excellent detectives.
      Mrs. Monger’s Class: Sorry, no river dance, but we did get to see some Irish music being played. It was great, one was a street band that was really good. They were jamming on the side of the street, and there was a huge crowd. The other was at a dinner, and there were 2 guys playing for us. They were also really good. The hotels we have stayed in have been VERY fancy. One was like a mansion, and one was been on the water, and one was in the middle of Dublin. All have been awesome!

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