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Day 5 Kinsale/Adare

Yesterday, Jose gave us some numbers as a clue, and we were quite confused to be honest .  However, some of our travel companions noticed those numbers as coordinates.  Coordinates are numbers that let you know exactly where a place is on the planet.  So we plugged those numbers into our driver’s GPS, and it turned out to be Kinsale, Ireland.  Kinsale is a quaint fishing village and is in County Cork, Ireland.  The weather was typical Irish weather-rainy and cold.   We tried to sightsee, but we were fruitless in our efforts due to the weather.  However, we did get another clue as to Jose’s whereabouts.  We met a rather friendly bear at a hotel in Kinsale that had met Jose.  He developed a strong bond with our Jose, and Jose gave him his next destination.  Jose had mentioned taking a dare…and the new bear wasn’t sure what he meant by that.  We’re not quite sure either, but there is a place called Adare close to Kinsale, so I think we’ll check that out.

 We  drove into Adare, which was about a 2 hour drive, and were amazed by the beautiful sites.  Mrs. Menger is starting to get a little agitated that we haven’t found Jose yet.  So we really need to put our heads together to find him.  We really feel that we’re getting close, but we still aren’t close enough obviously.  When we reached Ardare, we noticed there was a wedding happening at our hotel.  It just so happens that Jose had made friends with the couple getting married, and in turn asked for him to be their ring “bear”er.   How beary nice!  They gave us this picture as a memento, and said that Jose was off to the Cliffs of Moher.  If you don’t know what they are, fret not, we will show you.  We’ve heard a little bit about them, and they sound impressive to say the least.

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  1. mjcassette says:

    Mr. Foster & Mrs. Weaver,
    Hello again! We are curious about the houses in Ireland. Do you they look like our houses here in the US? Or do they look more like the cottage in your pictures?
    Do all the houses there look the same or are they all different styles?

    Mrs. Cassette’s Class

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