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Day 2 – Dublin

We arrived safely this  morning in Dublin, very sleepy but VERY excited at the thought of catching up with Jose and with being in another country. 

There are so many things to see and learn about Ireland, and we can’t wait to share them with you!  When we first got to Dublin, it was quite early in the morning (or late at night depending how you look at it); about 2 AM Jacksonville time.  However, people were just going to work in Dublin.  So we missed an entire night’s sleep for the most part, which is making us extremely tired, but we did get a traditional Irish breakfast at a historic restaurant that originated in 1595.  It was delish!  (except for the black pudding-I dare you to research it).  Try to figure out the time difference and get back with us-maybe we will be able to Skype with the first class that gets back to us!  The Dublin airport was very modern, and clean.  It was amazing!  No sign of Jose there though.  We decided to read Jose’s letter again, and decided that we should start at St. Patrick’s Cathedral since Jose had mentioned it in his letter.  Jose was right about it being huge and fancy, it is such a beautiful place.  It dates all the way back to 1191, when it was originally made from wood, and it is now the largest church in Ireland.  We were even able to see the place where St. Patrick baptized people all those years ago.  No luck finding Jose, but we did manage to find a clue!  The Curator of the church had been looking for us and had a message from Jose for us.  She had chatted with him, and took some pictures of him around the Cathedral.   In the note, Jose said that he was moving on, and the place he was going to would make things “CRYSTAL” clear.  So we decided that his destination would have something to do with crystal.  We’re off to research crystal in Ireland to see what we come up with.  You guys look into too, maybe we can put our heads together and come up with his location.



Well, today we leave for Ireland, and boy do we really need to find Jose!  After doing a little research on the places that Jose had visited, and along with suggestions from you, we decided that  we should start in Dublin, Ireland.  Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and has over a million people living in it.  Try to find Dublin on the map below.

Dublin is located in Ireland

So, our bags are all packed and we’re ready to go.  We’ve got our tickets, but instead of flying straight to Dublin, we have to stop in Newark, New Jersey.  Newark sounds a lot like New York, I wonder if they are close to each other.

We have to be at the airport much earlier than when our plane leaves so we can make it through all of the checkpoints.   When you are flying to another country, there are a lot of safety checkpoints you have to go through.  It seems like a hassle, but I’m really glad they do it-safety first!

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For all the grown-ups who have Twitter accounts, be sure to “follow” Jose! @Josethebear
He’ll be tweeting his way through Ireland!

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Off to the Emerald Isle!

Well, Jose has jumped the gun, and left us early for Ireland!  It’s up to Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Foster to try to find him.  The only thing is, they are going to need YOUR help!  Read over Jose’s letter to Mr. Foster and Mrs. Weaver to try to figure out where they should go to find Jose.  Research the places or the things Jose has done to try to figure out where in Ireland he is!  Time is of the essence!  Make haste, Jose needs YOU!

Click the link below to view Jose’s letter to us!

 Letter from Jose

Once your teacher receives his or her login information, please comment and let us know where Jose could be!

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Jose Says His Goodbyes

Jose the Bear has been saying his final goodbyes to his SJEDS friends before he heads off to Ireland.  He will be missed, but don’t worry…he will be in good hands.  Mr. Foster and Mrs. Weaver will take very good care of him!  Click on the link below to see some of the special moments he has shared with our boys and girls over the past few days…

Jose Says His Goodbyes

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Jose Around SJEDS

Jose is making his rounds through the school to say his final goodbyes before his big trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland.  Below are some pictures of Jose’s first days of travel through SJEDS.



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